Favourite Media

I happen to be one of those people who love trying out a new medium to use in my art every now and again. I love to experiment using many different styles and colours and materials, but some media have to be my ultimate favourites.

  1. Oil Pastels. You’ll be seeing a great number of oil pastel drawings on this blog. Being vibrant and colourful, I love the range of pieces you can create with these. Butterflies are a favourite of mine.
  2. Acrylic paints on canvas. Although I don’t create as much artworks with acrylic paints as oil pastels, I love the feel of the paintbrush gliding along the canvas leaving a nice, thick layer of colourful paint. I love the tones your can achieve with paint and for some reason, acrylic paints stuck and I loved using them since just about forever.
  3. Plain old shading pencils. Who doesn’t love these guys? I love the shading tones and textures that you can get with shading pencils. I mostly draw portraits with these, like my friends and family’s portraits. It’s very interesting to see just how realistic you can make something with a bit of shading.

These are the three media I use most often and my favourite too. I may be adding to this list though later, as soon as  get watercolour pencils…I heard they were great! 🙂


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